Why EMF protection methods are not effective?

You can find number of different methods to protect against all kinds of EMFs (like Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, Power Lines etc.) lowering EMF energy.

Even governments set up safe limits for variety of EMFs! Also each county has a different limits for the same type of EMFs! it is interesting and raising up a number of questions like – why is no one standardization for safe EMF exposition around the world? All humans should  be more or less the same sensitive to them.

Check internet resources and you will find millions graphs, tables, charts, articles  and pages providing different information and speculations.

The true is simple. Nothing is working as it should be.

Everyone and each one has different limits. Even more – your limits are vary from hour to hour.


Stress, tiredness are only a sample of the numbers of factors your limits depend on. In other words – nobody knows it – not only limits for you but for him or her too.

This a reason for denying by government officials that EMFs are dangerous. No one scientific research can prove that EMFs are harmful or harmless.

 Yes – they are harmful – but it is very difficult to provide satisfactory evidence for it.

 All EMF Radiation protection tools like: 

  • paints
  • special glass
  • foil for windows
  • absorbing fabric
  • fabric curtains
  • wallpapers
  • window film glass
  • absorbing plastic

are only a substitute of a real protection.

 They are trying to lower energy from EMFs passing through you or your living space.

With them you can be expose to lower level of toxic EMF Radiation.  

 You can measure it and see that they are lower than before – true. You can use them, having “peace of mind” hoping that you are protected, but you are not. 

 In the real world you can only slow down devastating impact of the sneaking inside your home harmful EMF radiation. Unfortunately this radiation continue this “dirty job”. 

 Painting walls or other methods decreasing exposition to radiation will only slow down degeneration of health. Your body still is exposed to harmful EMFs (even with decreased EMF energy). 

EMFs continuing “dirty job” killing you slowly.

 It is #1 Global Killer.

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