Why does heat make me tired?

Your body need to have steady temperature (for healthy person it is in the range from 36,4 °C to 37,3 °C – very specific for each one) for normal functionality. Your body use cooling routine to keep it. This require increased amount of energy to do so. You are going to be tired if you have not enough energy to maintain it and to do all daily tasks.

As usually the first step is to check your health condition with doctors.

If your heath is in good condition you may check for other problems affecting your resting time.

Tired – what it is? It is information (signal) your body sends to brain – “I have not enough energy to do what you ask me to do!”. Yes, you can push beyond the limits, so you will be more tired – in extreme situation you may pay higher price.

Why you have not enough energy?

Very typical and in recent time common problem is the exposition to EMFs (electromagnetic fields). You may know that we are exposed to two types of EMFs. One is created by nature and affects us 24/7 and other we were able to invented and use with premeditation. Both of them are the same harmful not only for humans but also for any living creature.

In contrary to nature EMFs activity of human invented EMFs depends on specific nature of each source of them (e.g. smart meters, cell towers, Wi-Fi, computer routers and wireless access points, power lines etc.).

Symptoms of exposition to both of them are the same.

Unfortunately, exposition to EMFs during night sleep disturb efficient generation of vital energy. In addition to that created energy is depleted during fight with EMFs by your defense system. It is seeing in EMFs enemy like viruses or bacteria and try to protect you from invading EMFs.  This fight is hopeless. EMFs are passing through your body anyway.

Full list of symptoms and solution is here. Also more information about this subject is on www.microalpha.com website.