What is in the Background?

Step By Step Questions and Answers

The introduce to a new paradigm – the foundation for understanding the problem of EMFs exposition.

  1. Why EMFs are affecting more some people than others?
  2. Why Hydro (electricians) workers are the same as any other group of people? If EMFs are harmful as we know they should be much more affected.
  3. What exactly EMFs do on cellular level to human’s body (or any living creature) accept extreme situation causing overheating or electrocution?
  4. What is a difference between exposition to high level of energy from EMFs and low-level? Is low energy EMF more or less danger?
  5. If EMFs affect e.g. central nervous system why some people develop cancer in different parts (organs) of the body instead brain?
  6. Why EMFs researches bring no consistent data.
  7. Why in last few years is much more increased number of new cases of different health problems related to EMFs including cancer?

Please let me go step by step through my way of understanding problem and developing new approach to it. This allowed me to recognize problem and invent protection.

Let me explain some of the questions listed above.

Summarizing – EMFs are not harming. Of course they are mostly causing number of health problems. It is the same situation like trying to cure virus infection using antibiotics focused on bacteria (assuming that we have no idea that virus exists).

Now I am inverting problem. My own defense system (Immune System) reacts on passing through my body EMFs seeing in them intruder like virus or bacteria. This fights drain energy on prioritized level. If the body has not enough energy to maintain all tasks than something will not be done properly.

E.g. In the area of the body exposed to EMFs will be a battlefield between defense system and EMFs – cell phone on the men’s belt or in women’s brae. In this place defense system will be focused on EMFs instead of chasing cancer cells and you can develop cancer in those places.

What triggers this action of defense system?

This is like polishing rough edges of fresh-cut plywood. Before it edges can harm your hand, after they are nice and polish.

That means that even low energy EMFs are harmful too.

I recognized it and my invention allows filtering passing through EMFs.  You can have all communication devices working without interruption. Also EMF meter will not recognize difference in the EMF’s level.

Only one type of recognition is the method which requires interaction with human body like biofeedback equipment. Those instruments immediately recognize difference with and without EMF protection devices.

Anyway all customers have results showing immediate improvements. Of course recovery takes time for everyone and it depends on each person’s body energy.

To have full recovery resting place (home) should be protected in the first place.

Smart Meter, Wi-Fi, power lines, cell tower, power transformer are additional subjects to take care.

Also another issue is in increased number of new cases of countless different health problems in last few years. Many disappearing species are affected from the same factors.

In last decades we were observing decreasing density of magnetic field of the earth. Rapid collapse of it was recognized on December 21 2012.

We know that magnetic field of the earth play leading role in our health condition. In 2012 year decreased 20 times and in last 4 thousand years decreased 200 times.

In 2000 year was conducted longevity experiment – it was recreated magnetic field as of year 2000 BC (4000 years ago). In such environment were tested insects – lifespan was increased 5x. Than were tested human cells – increased lifespan 2.5x.

Now – our bodies are much weaker due to extremely low magnetic field of the earth. So what was affects us in past now is threatening.

It is the full picture of present situation.

We can add countless number of EMFs growing rapidly daily.  I am not trying to discourage you – yes you can use all of them too.

Imagine that you have more than you can use energy during 24 h cycle. If you have it you can do what day brings to you and in addition you can have luxury to let your body defense system to fight EMFs without draining too much energy.

How you can do it?

EMF protection surrounding your resting place (home – Total Home Protection) can do this job 100%. Starting from minimum PROTECTION FROM BELOW your house and going to Total Home Protection (close it in EMF protection box) – the destination.

In addition you need to prevent Smart Meter and familiar devices staying inside EMF protection box from affecting inside your home – one more device can do it.

Also I developed Personal EMF Protection Pendant, protection for car etc.

Especially Personal EMF Protection Pendant – Peace Ball is particularly very interesting. For utilization of energy collected I converted it into broad spectrum of magnetic pulses (over 20,000 frequencies send at once without interruption 24/7) and transmitted them into person’s body constantly in real-time. Those frequencies are recognized by Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy as required by the body to trigger self restoration mechanism in particular type of the cells, organs, tissues responding to only particular one frequency.

Wow – this surprised me too – so primary goal (utilization) was sent to back. It is amazing what Peace Ball can do to your body. For me – I have back 10 – 15 years in my all functionality, not saying about morphology tests etc. They are perfect for humans and animals using my products.

I need to hold my horses – I don’t like to overwhelm you on start-up.

Yes you can have other semi-solutions. They are expensive and not effective. Journalist Noor Javed investigated one of these cases. Family spends over 20,000 $ to lover EMF exposition from cell tower – it’s brought down the RF levels inside the house to more tolerable levels.

All Cell Phone Tower Radiation protection tools like:

  • paints
  • special glass
  • foil for windows
  • absorbing fabric
  • fabric curtains
  • wallpapers
  • window film glass
  • absorbing plastic

are the only substitute of a real protection lowering exposition to toxic EMF Radiation. You can use them, having “peace of mind” hoping that you are protected.

In the real world you are only slowing down devastating impact of the sneaking inside your home harmful EMF radiation. Unfortunately this radiation continue “dirty job”.

My invention works through walls and any materials including metal, stone and any geological structure. I can provide protection in any desire range. So far I tested devices protecting in range of 4 km (diameter in circular protection) or box with base 2km x 2km and height up to  +/_ 2km

I need to admit that all my invented products work on quantum physics basis, so please do not try to understand it from classical physics point of view.

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    I know that it will be very hard to compress my over 20 years of research and development in a few words, so if you have more questions (I hope that you will have) please let me know.

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