What happens when I am exposed to EMFs?

Numerous laboratory studies have shown that biological effects can be caused by exposure to EMFs, however, it is not clear how EMFs actually produce these demonstrated effects.

Going forward, the research brings no inconsistent results. In other words it is something, but it isn’t.

This is the official point of view.


The true nature of relationship between EMFs and human body is different.

What exactly happens during exposition to any EMF?

Your body is able to sense EMFs. That trigger intruder alarm. Your body is not perfect and sees in them enemy like bacteria or viruses. For your protection your own defend system fights with EMFs. This fight is hopeless – nothing is changed but its drain energy from your body.

During night rest your body should generate energy and do maintenance tasks for your body.  The same energy you should have for properly managed next day. You may have a problem if this process is interrupted and part of energy is drained for fight with EMFs.

Your body during resting time has three main tasks.

First – generate energy you can use in next day

Second – do maintenance and reparation – this requires some energy.

Third – resting – for your body and in second part of your sleep (deep stage) your brain is resting too. Brain controls all maintenance jobs in the first stage of sleeping.

Also during daytime exposition to EMFs drains energy as explained above too. This leave even less energy for use with your daily activities.

EMFs expositions force your defence system to fight with them. This takes energy and interrupts all maintenance works and energy regeneration. As results are symptoms you may experience. They are listed on the “Symptoms” page.

It is no problem if you are able produce enough energy during night rest for next day tasks and fight with EMFs.

If not you should protect yourself. If this situation will be prolonged it may lead to number of not very pleasant health problems including EHS (electro hypersensitivity).

Links to practical solution and explanation are also provided on the “Symptoms” page.

This solution is patented and proven in every case during last 17 years. There is not enough space to explain all of it here. Everything is explained step by step on our website.