Why Cell Towers, Wi-Fi and other forms of EMFs are the # 1 Global Killer?

Alarming symptoms – nobody knows what it is unless you will connect all facts together. Based on intensive research and field experience we are able not only explain what is behind symptoms. We are able to provide right solution and prevention tools.

What it is ?

Still, it is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. In other words – NOBODY KNOWS WHAT IT IS – but it is!They are symptoms of exposition to Electromagnetic Fields [EMFs]

Electro Magnetic Fields are one of the most hidden issues critically affecting our health; both man-made and natural EMFs.

Our extremely weak geomagnetic shield has a very significant impact on our health by not being able to protect us effectively from cosmic radiation. This radiation penetrates our living space including our homes! Our body’s defence system fights the EMFs thinking that they are intruders, like a virus or bacteria. This fight drains energy from us. So the combination of a weak geomagnetic shield and low energy leaves makes our body weak and unable to properly absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrition.

  • Our body is designed to thrive in a much stronger geomagnetic field.
  • 4000 years ago the geomagnetic field was 10x stronger as in the year 2000.
  • Today it is 20x weaker than in the year 2000.
  • So in total it is 200x weaker than 4000 years ago (2000 BC).

These factors affect everyone; no one is immune to this global concern.

Look around you, health problems are everywhere. Advanced technology, science and progress in medicine are not helping our weak nation. Statistics shows health problems increasing exponentially every year.

Our weaker body makes us more vulnerable to viral and bacterial attacks. Recovery is longer than we expect and not as effective.

  • Do you think that we are aging faster than we should?
  • Do you feel like you are constantly overworked and tired?
  • Do your children have behaviour problems?
  • Are your children sick often?

EMF from Wi-Fi and Cell Towers has a disorganizing effect on the ability to learn and remember, and is threatening to immune system and cognition functions. This decrease ability to learn for children and students in addition to unpleasant health problems anyone can develop.

All big players have a vested interest in leading the public to believe that Wi-Fi, Cell Tower radiation, RFR and other EMFs, which we cannot see, taste or touch, are harmless, but this is not true.

We are receiving increasing number of reports from our customers and website visitors abut burn brown plants on fields surrounding cellular towers and garden vegetation after Cell Tower was build behind fence surrounding backyard. They look the same as plants along power lines. 

What difference is between those plants and humans?

For last 70 years some scientists have worried about the effects of electric and magnetic fields (EMF) on human health. People living near power lines have wondered if “BAD_RADIATION” from power lines can cause leukemia cancers or other serious health problems. Recently, these fears have escalated by additional threat – Cell Towers and Wi-Fi from wireless technologies, wireless communication equipment, devices and GPS.

Scientists are continuing to learn more about the effects of EMF “TOXIC RADIATION” exposure on the general population and on employees in certain occupations. In the same time “Big” Players trying to deny their negative impact on health base on funded by them “scientific” research!

Also exposition to EMF “BAD_RADIATION” lead to cancer, concentration problems, ADD, tinnitus, migraines, insomnia, arrhythmia, Parkinson’s, many health problems and symptoms (comprehensive list is here).

Let’s put all scientific speculations on side, it simply makes sense that cellular phones and wireless technology can impact the human body. Your body is bioelectric. It has biochemical reactions which keep an electrical current flowing.

All equipments providing wireless communications, power transformers, power lines and other power electric devices are, by scientific standards, somewhat of an experimental technology.

We know they work, because we can make a cell-phone call, we use electric power at homes and in workplaces but we don’t know anything about the potential long term side effects of continuous exposure to their “BAD_RADIATION”.

More than 25% of cell towers are hidden; disguised as flag poles, crosses, chimney’s, trees, water towers, light houses even tombstones.

While hidden Cellular Towers might improve the landscape, they can also lull the public into a false sense of security. While reading a book in public library, you might be sitting 10 feet away from a Cell Tower placed inside the business sign.

Why EMF protection methods are not effective?

You can find number of different methods to protect against all kinds of EMFs (like Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, Power Lines etc.) lowering EMF energy.

Even governments set up safe limits for variety of EMFs! Also each county has a different limits for the same type of EMFs! it is interesting and raising up a number of questions like – why is no one standardization for safe EMF exposition around the world? All humans should  be more or less the same sensitive to them.

Check internet resources and you will find millions graphs, tables, charts, articles  and pages providing different information and speculations.

The true is simple. Nothing is working as it should be.

Everyone and each one has different limits. Even more – your limits are vary from hour to hour.


Stress, tiredness are only a sample of the numbers of factors your limits depend on. In other words – nobody knows it – not only limits for you but for him or her too.

This a reason for denying by government officials that EMFs are dangerous. No one scientific research can prove that EMFs are harmful or harmless.

 Yes – they are harmful – but it is very difficult to provide satisfactory evidence for it.

 All EMF Radiation protection tools like: 

  • paints
  • special glass
  • foil for windows
  • absorbing fabric
  • fabric curtains
  • wallpapers
  • window film glass
  • absorbing plastic

are only a substitute of a real protection.

 They are trying to lower energy from EMFs passing through you or your living space.

With them you can be expose to lower level of toxic EMF Radiation.  

 You can measure it and see that they are lower than before – true. You can use them, having “peace of mind” hoping that you are protected, but you are not. 

 In the real world you can only slow down devastating impact of the sneaking inside your home harmful EMF radiation. Unfortunately this radiation continue this “dirty job”. 

 Painting walls or other methods decreasing exposition to radiation will only slow down degeneration of health. Your body still is exposed to harmful EMFs (even with decreased EMF energy). 

EMFs continuing “dirty job” killing you slowly.

 It is #1 Global Killer.

More about it you can find here



Does over-thinking and analyzing make the brain more powerful or tired?

My friend likes to get very deep into topics and ask questions that require effort to get answered, I actually enjoy sharing my points and opinions with him but I find it really tiring that nowadays I just try to keep my “mental energy” for more important tasks like studying and music production.


We are using only 5% of the brain capacity. IQ is related to management of brain usage.

You can train your brain to work harder and faster. It takes time. It is the same like workout. You can’t jump from not having physical exercises to maximum speed. You need to do it gradually.

Also every brain is different. Your brain can be better is scientific speculations while another will be best in imagination or another discipline of life.

Over thinking is the same like to much physical exercises. Both make you tired. What is worst your muscles will be sore  for a while and you can develop migraines in addition to be tired from over thinking. Thinking is more tiring than physical work.

Analyzing can be profitable if you learn the best for your brain type techniques. Women’s brain works different than man’s. She has many sidetracking questions going around subject like if, why, what for, is it safe, what can be done after etc. before reaching final destination. Man’s way is different. His brain goes directly to the point leaving all that questions to right moment – when he face them or the problem. Both ways can eventually reach the same destination having answers from different angle.

Additional factors:

  • life experience
  • how many books you read daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • how fast you are reading
  • how good is your memory
  • do you have interdisciplinary education (very helpful)
  • how fast is your thinking
  • do you like chess, poker . . .
  • do you like planning ahead
  • can you focus on a few subjects at once
  • can you put attention to details
  • . . .

Asking questions (like your friend) helps in analyzing. It gives better view or view from different angels (brain storm).

Training your brain makes it more “powerful” in very specific way – increases ability to better understanding and finding solution in trained direction. Also learning habit makes brain powerful in different way – you will adjust yourself to changing environment much faster.

It is one important aspect – how far you would like to go into discussion. If you are not interested in this matter discussion makes you tired instead of bringing pleasure from analyzing.

In contrary you should invite your friend to be involved in your passions.

It is only an introductory to such fascinating subject your question just open. It is really amazing – brain – thinking – consciousness – spirit – natural gifts . . .

On the end – your question reminds me one of my friends. He was 47 and was tested when he was 21 and 34. IQ reaching the peak in your 20s. What was most fascinating that his IQ at 34 was lower than in 20s and again in 47 was much higher in comparison with his 21 results. Only difference is that he has set of Neutralizers and Personal Pendant for EMF Protection. He bought them 2 years before last test. This was absolutely unusual.  I need to admit that Personal Pendant is enhancing whole body and brain functionality.

Why it makes difference?

EMF protection releases energy used for defence again EMFs. In addition Personal EMF Protection Pendant provides Magnetopathic treatment. It does it to the brain and whole body.

EMF Vampire Bats

„Hi, I am currently suffering tremendous anguish and permanent damage from an AMR, otherwise known as a “smart meter”. I was never sick a day in my life until SCWA installed the device in my basement without permission back in January of 2010. I didn’t know it was in my house, never mind how dangerous this device is. The FCC, code 15, subpart C, prohibits the installation of these devices without notifying and getting permission from the homeowners. They must be transparent and alert the public as to the health risks and possible sickness, disease and disorder that may come of being exposed to “pulsed radiation” at extreme lengths and frequencies. We are guinea pigs in the industry and these are crimes, on multiple levels, against humanity. It is unbelievable that there is a complete disregard for our health and privacy, not to mention our children’s safety. I am outraged and speaking out locally, and calling state and federal agents and agencies alerting them by sharing copious amounts of literature and information. We cannot sit back and allow these corporations to make billions off of our sick backs. The utilities industry was lied to and sold a bill of goods that are worthless, and we are paying for it, paying to make ourselves sick. How low can they stoop? I am a formidable opponent and I am not making friends in the utilities industry by alerting my community on how to “OPT OUT” and how to remove the meters or cover them with metal. Please be aware of your rights, call your congressmen and women and make a stink about this most heinous of crimes being committed against mankind.”  Cited from “Health Issues | Stop Smart Meters 2014, December 2014, <http://www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz/health-issues/>.

From other hand . . .

“The regulatory mandate regarding human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy from wireless devices includes carrying out research into possible health effects, monitoring the scientific literature related to such effects on an ongoing basis, and developing RF exposure guidelines, commonly referred to as Safety Code 6. Safety Code 6 sets recommended limits for safe human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in federally regulated industries and workplaces.

Wireless communications equipment (e.g., cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi) is regulated to ensure that public exposures fall within acceptable guidelines. The regulatory standard has been developed the way that require compliance with the human exposure limits outlined in Safety Code 6.”

Anyway . . .

It is one of many familiar experiences with “EMF Vampire Bats” installed in our homes.

The problem isn’t only that one installed on my home’s wall. Yes it creates waves of high frequency signals every few seconds 24/7. More importantly are the same smart meters installed in surrounding neighbors’ houses. They do the same as my and all of the signals are passing through my home without rest day by day – year around.

In addition it is another form of “EMF Vampire Bats” installed with a free will in my neighbors’ homes. It is WiFi router. Especially a new very powerful version is advertized as an only option to have connection to internet in entire house. Even it is true, the prices for it is very high. We and our children are exposed to another form of dangerous EMFs passing through our living space without our permission.

Here are more about it:

Solutions are on pages listed below. Check them all.

  • “A must have – minimum – configuration” – very basic set of products for providing proper conditions for effective resting (Neutralizer) and improvement of the body functionality (Peace Ball). Neutralizer for EMF PROTECTION FROM BELOW surface of your home or apartment  and Personal EMF Protection Pendant – Peace Ball
  • You can combine Total EMF Home Protection and Personal EMF Protection Pendant – Peace Ball to have best results.
  • If you know where is cell tower, power transformer, smart meter, source of Wi-Fi or power line near your home you should use products described in first paragraph and Neutralizer from this section – “Side EMF Protection” (or Total EMF Home Protection providing protection from those mentioned above sources of EMF.  If you don’t know – just use Total Home Protection and Personal Protection
  • Or go to “One Step” solutions for ready to go sets.

Personal EMF Protection Pendant in addition to help you to be protected outside of your home gives you substitute of magnetic field designed to improve your body functionality.

This method helped everyone with familiar problems. It not needs to change anything in your life or remodelling your home. You can use it with any other treatment with no restrictions. It is not invasive and will help all people living in the same home too.

You may visit “Toxic EMFs affect Human’s Health“, “Harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)” and “EMF Controversy” to see a bigger picture (links posted on >>> What is in the Background – #1 Global Killer Blog).

You can get access to information about mentioned above products and related pages here:

also more websites focused on particular subjects are here Our Websites


How does your mental performance change when you are extremely tired?

My answer to How does your mental performance change when you are extremely tired?

Answer by Zbiniew Malecki:

Tiredness is an indication of low energy level. Lack of energy affects whole body functionality, especially your brain.

Tired driver has slower reflex and can easily has poor judgement – >> leading to accident.

Brain need food, energy and oxygen for proper functionality. The same as tired muscles your brain can be tired too.

White-collar work is as much tiring as Blue-collar work.

Let say that you had sleepless night. Whole day will be "lost". You may have brain fog, headaches or migraine. Your ability to think fast is compromised. It will be hard to focus.

So answer is — yes it does. Mental performance will go down.

How does your mental performance change when you are extremely tired?

What is the best treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome?

CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is based on inability to restore energy during resting time. Electro Magnetic Fields are one of the most hidden issues critically affecting our health; both man-made and natural EMFs. Typical symptoms includes CHS, insomnia, depression, anxiety and many more. They are listed here http://microalpha.com/background.html.

Additional factor contributing to all health problems – recently collapsed geomagnetic field. We as a humans were design to be in much stronger magnetic field of the earth (4,000 years ago geomagnetic field was 200 times stronger than today). Look around – 2 – 3 decades ago people had much less health problems than today.

Low magnetic field of the earth makes us much weaker than we should be, so every organ and whole body performance is below what we expecting. Yes aging is blamed for it – false.

Instead of theoretical treatments like using energy boosters you should have permanent solution.

It comes in two steps.


is described on pages listed below. Check them all.

Personal EMF Protection Pendant in addition to help you be protected outside of your home gives you substitute of magnetic field designed to improve your body functionality.

This method helped everyone with familiar problems. It not require to change anything in your life or remodelling your home. Also can be use with any other treatment with no restrictions. It is not invasive and will help all people living in the same home too.

You may visit “Toxic EMFs affects Human’s Health“, “Harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)” and “EMF Controversy” to see a bigger picture.

Also person with fibromyalgia goes back to normal life in a short time (few months depends on severity). Longest is recovery from short term memory problems. This takes around 1 year and all memory from the sickness time is recovered too. Check “testimonials

My sibling had a cancer

Everything started when my sibling developed cancer. It is related to power line outside your home – doctors said. I am a scientist. I wasn’t aware of those relationship working closely with electricity and variety of physic’ areas.

I decided to check what can be done to avoid problems related to exposition to EMFs (electromagnetic fields). It took me awhile to understand that is impossible to stay away from EMFs. Even on the desert you are exposed to some EMFs (e.g. from satellite or space).

It was dead end.  I start asking myself questions.

Why EMFs are affecting more some people than others?

Why Hydro (electricians) workers are the same as any other group of people? If EMFs are harmful as we know they should be much more affected.

What exactly EMFs do on cellular level to human’s body (or any living creature) accept extreme situation causing overheating or electrocution?

What is a difference between exposition to high level of energy from EMFs and low level? Is low energy EMF more or less danger?

If EMFs affect e.g. central nervous system why some people develop cancer in different parts (organs) of the body instead brain?

Why EMFs researches bring no consistent data?

Why in last few years is much more increased number of new cases of different health problems related to EMFs including cancer?

Can you see my point. Why was no consistent data? What is in the background of all health problems related to (or developed because of) exposition to EMFs?

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