Naked true about Wi-Fi – “Smart Meters” and other wireless technology!

New devastating impact on our heath with rapidly increased number of Smart Meters. This increased density of harmful Wi-Fi radiation affecting everyone in home.

cited: “One way that works is to get the neighbours and others to place shielding over their smart meters. They are available: look on the internet’ You can buy them outright, or make them yourself. They will stop over 95 % radiation if installed properly.”

Statement above (distributed over internet resources) is wrong. Eventually it may be true if Smart Meter will be not as smart as it is.

  • The first – all of surrounding your location Smart Meters should be shielded properly – ideally everybody will be convinced and follow this idea – what is not happen.
  • Next – Shielding should stop over 95% according to the source of this information. Unfortunately Smart Meter is smarter than that. It has a protocol to increase the power according to quality of the transition between it and receiving center. The transmitting power will be increased with no problem – power source is in power line it is connected to. So you will be affected anyway or maybe even with more powerful radiation.
  • All surrounding your location Smart Meters will transmit information 24/7 in surrounding them space (they don’t have directional antenna build inside). It means that most of the signals is wasted as a usable information but is harmful for us.

Modern humans have blamed everything, but the correct thing.  It is the non thermal effects of EMF, and the answers have been buried in physics and in space experiments for the last 70 plus years.  It is time you get off your behinds and start connecting dots.

Power line radiation, in addition to microwave, have similarly been linked to infertility or miscarriage, suggesting that this is not necessarily a thermal effect, and that power line and microwave may be working under similar mechanisms.

People living near radio towers or mobile phone masts appear to have increased cardiac symptoms such as arrhythmia. In Switzerland, when examining adults before and after turning on a cell tower for arrhythmia, it was found that there was a significant increase in arrhythmia.

Suggestions for the cause of autism range from mercury toxicity from vaccines to problems with neurotransmitters to genetic damage to GMO’s and food allergy problems, all of which can be /is aggravate by wireless technologies. Electro-smog (all Wi-Fi and other forms of EMFs – electro-magnetic frequency radiation) is one of three interconnected causes of autism.

Cardiac problems have also been observed in the young. The usage of wireless technologies by pregnant women has been correlated to higher fatal and neonatal heart rate and decreased cardiac output, according to one study.

It gets worse. Doctors can’t tell how much energy affect cells or what part of the body gets the most EMF exposition.  Different species of animals also affected by those fields differently too.

Our offspring is at greater risks than adults.  Think about that when you buy your next iPad or iPhone for your children or when you give someone a baby monitor for a shower gift.  Since 1990, the entire population of the globe is the subject of this giant experiment.  The results should be scaring for us, but ironically that is not the case.

Wireless technologies may increase the risk of infertility, by impacting human sperm count, mobility, and normal morphology. The same is with females. Ovaries are affected as well, which is alarming because females, unlike males, have only one set of eggs from birth, and the genetic damage that accumulates before they give birth may affect posterity. More . . .

Symptoms from electromagnetic field exposure can create adverse health effects, according to WHO.

Cell towers and mobile phone masts, as well as cordless phones, in contrast, are now quite ubiquitous, and a lot of people are now exposed to high levels. Sometimes these towers or transmitters are placed right on residential buildings, right outside of people’s apartments. There appear to be multiple cancer clusters in close proximity to cell phone tower or transmitters.

It is not the end of symptoms.

The number of related problems, facts and devastating results is increasing exponentially.

It is no reason to be depressed about it.

We have patented solution making them harmless and improving health standards not only for humans, also for any living form of life.

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