EMF Vampire Bats

„Hi, I am currently suffering tremendous anguish and permanent damage from an AMR, otherwise known as a “smart meter”. I was never sick a day in my life until SCWA installed the device in my basement without permission back in January of 2010. I didn’t know it was in my house, never mind how dangerous this device is. The FCC, code 15, subpart C, prohibits the installation of these devices without notifying and getting permission from the homeowners. They must be transparent and alert the public as to the health risks and possible sickness, disease and disorder that may come of being exposed to “pulsed radiation” at extreme lengths and frequencies. We are guinea pigs in the industry and these are crimes, on multiple levels, against humanity. It is unbelievable that there is a complete disregard for our health and privacy, not to mention our children’s safety. I am outraged and speaking out locally, and calling state and federal agents and agencies alerting them by sharing copious amounts of literature and information. We cannot sit back and allow these corporations to make billions off of our sick backs. The utilities industry was lied to and sold a bill of goods that are worthless, and we are paying for it, paying to make ourselves sick. How low can they stoop? I am a formidable opponent and I am not making friends in the utilities industry by alerting my community on how to “OPT OUT” and how to remove the meters or cover them with metal. Please be aware of your rights, call your congressmen and women and make a stink about this most heinous of crimes being committed against mankind.”  Cited from “Health Issues | Stop Smart Meters 2014, December 2014, <http://www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz/health-issues/>.

From other hand . . .

“The regulatory mandate regarding human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy from wireless devices includes carrying out research into possible health effects, monitoring the scientific literature related to such effects on an ongoing basis, and developing RF exposure guidelines, commonly referred to as Safety Code 6. Safety Code 6 sets recommended limits for safe human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in federally regulated industries and workplaces.

Wireless communications equipment (e.g., cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi) is regulated to ensure that public exposures fall within acceptable guidelines. The regulatory standard has been developed the way that require compliance with the human exposure limits outlined in Safety Code 6.”

Anyway . . .

It is one of many familiar experiences with “EMF Vampire Bats” installed in our homes.

The problem isn’t only that one installed on my home’s wall. Yes it creates waves of high frequency signals every few seconds 24/7. More importantly are the same smart meters installed in surrounding neighbors’ houses. They do the same as my and all of the signals are passing through my home without rest day by day – year around.

In addition it is another form of “EMF Vampire Bats” installed with a free will in my neighbors’ homes. It is WiFi router. Especially a new very powerful version is advertized as an only option to have connection to internet in entire house. Even it is true, the prices for it is very high. We and our children are exposed to another form of dangerous EMFs passing through our living space without our permission.

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Personal EMF Protection Pendant in addition to help you to be protected outside of your home gives you substitute of magnetic field designed to improve your body functionality.

This method helped everyone with familiar problems. It not needs to change anything in your life or remodelling your home. You can use it with any other treatment with no restrictions. It is not invasive and will help all people living in the same home too.

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