Does over-thinking and analyzing make the brain more powerful or tired?

My friend likes to get very deep into topics and ask questions that require effort to get answered, I actually enjoy sharing my points and opinions with him but I find it really tiring that nowadays I just try to keep my “mental energy” for more important tasks like studying and music production.


We are using only 5% of the brain capacity. IQ is related to management of brain usage.

You can train your brain to work harder and faster. It takes time. It is the same like workout. You can’t jump from not having physical exercises to maximum speed. You need to do it gradually.

Also every brain is different. Your brain can be better is scientific speculations while another will be best in imagination or another discipline of life.

Over thinking is the same like to much physical exercises. Both make you tired. What is worst your muscles will be sore  for a while and you can develop migraines in addition to be tired from over thinking. Thinking is more tiring than physical work.

Analyzing can be profitable if you learn the best for your brain type techniques. Women’s brain works different than man’s. She has many sidetracking questions going around subject like if, why, what for, is it safe, what can be done after etc. before reaching final destination. Man’s way is different. His brain goes directly to the point leaving all that questions to right moment – when he face them or the problem. Both ways can eventually reach the same destination having answers from different angle.

Additional factors:

  • life experience
  • how many books you read daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • how fast you are reading
  • how good is your memory
  • do you have interdisciplinary education (very helpful)
  • how fast is your thinking
  • do you like chess, poker . . .
  • do you like planning ahead
  • can you focus on a few subjects at once
  • can you put attention to details
  • . . .

Asking questions (like your friend) helps in analyzing. It gives better view or view from different angels (brain storm).

Training your brain makes it more “powerful” in very specific way – increases ability to better understanding and finding solution in trained direction. Also learning habit makes brain powerful in different way – you will adjust yourself to changing environment much faster.

It is one important aspect – how far you would like to go into discussion. If you are not interested in this matter discussion makes you tired instead of bringing pleasure from analyzing.

In contrary you should invite your friend to be involved in your passions.

It is only an introductory to such fascinating subject your question just open. It is really amazing – brain – thinking – consciousness – spirit – natural gifts . . .

On the end – your question reminds me one of my friends. He was 47 and was tested when he was 21 and 34. IQ reaching the peak in your 20s. What was most fascinating that his IQ at 34 was lower than in 20s and again in 47 was much higher in comparison with his 21 results. Only difference is that he has set of Neutralizers and Personal Pendant for EMF Protection. He bought them 2 years before last test. This was absolutely unusual.  I need to admit that Personal Pendant is enhancing whole body and brain functionality.

Why it makes difference?

EMF protection releases energy used for defence again EMFs. In addition Personal EMF Protection Pendant provides Magnetopathic treatment. It does it to the brain and whole body.